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Ice Cream Secret Chiefs - Butterscotch

£14.00 / Sold Out

You scream, I scream, We all scream "Hey, why don't you do a release based on Ice Cream flavours just as the weather is getting colder because that's what everyone wants to be thinking about right now?". Ice Cream is great though. Never not amazing. Except for when served with Jelly (Jello). A thoroughly British thing that is unspeakably disturbing to me. The weird melted slick all over the jelly makes me want to throw up.

Heavyweight, premium Icey Bois swirled by rubber confectioner madman Tru:Tek. 4 different figures, 4 different flavours: why not build yourself a set? Each figure comes in at around 5 x 5 cms.

Served in individual Ice Cream pots with a special themed sticker by Tattoo bossman and lifelong Ice Cream fan Ash Davies.